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Should You Approach A Professional Clinical Nutrition Consultant?

From the sheer volume of conflicting messages available online about nutrition, diet and wellness, it can be extremely difficult to make healthy choices that promote wellness. However, approaching a professional, qualified Clinical Nutrition Consultant and Natural Therapy Consultant in Melbourne at Gut Nutrition and Wellness is vital to empower yourself through fact-based education when it comes to nutrition and gut health. At Gut Nutrition and Wellness, a Clinical Nutrition Consultant will work with you through private consults to improve your fatigue, mood, chronic health conditions, weight loss goals and overall mental health and wellbeing through nutrition and a holistic wellness approach. As a certified nutrition practitioner, a Clinical Nutrition Consultant is able to partner with clients through customised and comprehensive nutrition plans to help you make positive changes in your overall health and well-being.

Immune System

Immune System Health

As we are now getting back to our lives, and more and more people are returning to work and school, our immune system health is going to be challenged with opportunistic viruses and bacteria. It is more important now than ever to focus on steps to keeping our body healthy, and that starts with looking after your immune system – your first line of defence against foreign invaders like viruses or bacteria.

Gut Health Stress and Lockdowns

Gut Health, Stress and Lockdowns

Lockdowns can be a very stressful time, especially as they continue for a prolonged period. With heightened stress levels and an impact to your mental health, it can also affect your gut. Increasing evidence has shown that the communication between your gut microbiota and the central nervous system known as the gut/brain axis is a two way relationship which needs to be nurtured on both ends. Dysbiosis of the gut has been linked to anxiety and depression.

My Story - The Complete Story

My Story – The Complete Story

Ok, so here it is – my complete story is quite detailed and it may seem somewhat unbelievable to those who may not know the extent of my health issues. I had to dig up my old journals and blogs I had written many years ago along with my medical history to piece together My Story. As a disclaimer, please note the below documents my personal wellness journey including what I done to overcome my illnesses. It should not be interpreted as guidance or advice on what may work for you.

“None of my specialists ever asked me about my eating habits or lifestyle choices. I recovered through my own endeavours and sheer determination which lead me to a complete career change and toward my passion for nutrition and natural therapies. As often, I was placed in the ‘too hard to treat basket’ by the medical community, I would sometimes take up a whole appointment with a doctor just going through my symptoms and medical history. I wanted to share my knowledge and help others overcome their own personal health battles.”

My Story - The Complete Story

My Story – The Summary

This is the summary of my story… In the winter of 2009 in Melbourne, I caught a horrible virus at work at the time Swine Flu was going around. I was working at a Community Legal Centre in Administration and Community Development. The office became flooded by recent storms, with mould growing on the ceiling and a heater blasting all day didn’t make things any better.

That’s when I developed persistent nausea and breathing difficulties. My immune system started to became susceptible. I ended up being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or Post Viral Syndrome. For the next 8 years I saw several Doctors, Specialists and Naturopaths to find out why I wasn’t getting better.