Our Approach

Our Approach

During your private consultation with Gut Nutrition and Wellness, you will learn more about the importance of good nutrition and its role in your overall health and wellbeing.  You will be able to practice simple health routines, and lifestyle changes and create your own optimal lifestyle formula. This will help you find your new body rhythm and create lasting change.

  • Your Environmental Stressors

    • Reduce the stress hormones that are keeping you unwell
    • Identify stress triggers and use practical strategies to change them
    • Use your body, breath, and mind to change your emotional state
    • Chemical-free living where possible gives your body an optimal chance of recovery
    • Nutritional supplements and foods that will aid in your recovery and relax you
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Changes

    • Food and recommendations for optimal gut healing
    • Understand the what and the why for personalised food advice suitable for you
    • How a certified Gut Nutritionist and Gut Specialist can support you in your wellness journey
    • How to support you through nutrition for chronic illness management and any autoimmune support you may require
  • Root-Cause Investigation

    • The connection between your gut, immune system, and overall health
    • How to break the vicious cycle of chronic illnesses through nutrition and natural health
    • Holistic health – not counting calories!
    • Nutrition is not a one size fits all
  • Making Healthy Eating Fun

    • Quick, healthy and easy recipe tips including recommendations for healthier pantry items and ingredients
    • Recommendations of tasty and healthy substitutes
    • Making time for movement and exercise
    • Make exercise fun and a habit that lasts
  • Best Practice Nutritional Education

    • Empower yourself through education to take control of your health
    • What foods, supplements and strategies work best for you
    • What foods and products to keep away from and why?
    • How your digestive tract, liver and other detox symptoms work to keep your healthy

Blending Science, Formal Qualifications and First-Hand Experience to Create Peak Health

As a Melbourne based gut health nutrition and food advice specialist, I strive to support my clients with their health and development goals. I am passionate about finding out how the greatest machine ever designed – our body – works and creates our states of health, disease, happiness, and distress. I believe that the secrets to a healthy life reside within our bodies and in our control. I personally noticed my transformation when I changed my diet and healed my gut. As such, I have now dedicated my life to studying, educating my clients, and investigating the role of nutrition and gut health in reversing and treating numerous health conditions.

I am a holistic practitioner for gut health in Melbourne, and recognise that our health and our emotional experiences are influenced by so much more than just nutrition. This includes the body, mind, emotions, and energy. As a gut health specialist in Melbourne, to experience lasting health, vitality, mental clarity, and emotional balance, we must first ensure we treat the individual as a whole and move away from treating the symptoms. I experienced this with my own health journey dealing with multiple chronic illnesses, and that is why I was determined to find the root cause and heal my body, rather than go from doctor to doctor in search of quick fixes.

  • Connection to the Self-body, Mind & Emotion

By knowing how your body works for YOU, Gut Nutrition and Wellness aims to empower you to gain confidence in managing your own health through nutrition and natural therapies. Through our holistic approach to health, we ensure to look at all aspects of dis-ease and subsequently recommend a personalised treatment plan which suits your lifestyle and your goals.

  • Physical Vitality

Having abundant energy every day is the prerequisite for living life with purpose, passion, and drive. It is the fuel your body needs to survive. My strategies will offer immune system support in Melbourne and help you thrive successfully.

At Gut Nutrition and Wellness, Armita helps to provide you with a connected and holistic way of living. Contact Us today and book your appointment with a certified professional for gut health in Outer East Melbourne!